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What do you know about Aloesha Organic?

Aloesha Organic Natural Health Products is a company which provides health services through herbal medicine. Our Head Offices are located at Sure House Bombo road Ground Floor room G6. Aloesha Organic Natural Health Product is headed by Hajjat Aisha Nakasuja. She is an expert in herbal medicine who underwent training in herbal medicine from her childhood. She graduated in food nutrition and herbal medicine.

At Aloesha Organic we do a list of services which include; growing of medicinal plants on a large scale, carrying out research in herbal medicine, producing of herbal products which include; cosmetics like beauty cream, lotions and beauty soap, nutrition food supriments, herbal medicine like immune boosters, organic blood tonic, organic afriprun and many others. We offer free counseling services and out-reach programs in the communities teaching people about plants and how they can use them to keep themselves healthy.

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